Hello! My name is "KIVANÇ" (pronounced "Kvunch" - kind of sounds like "Crunch"), which is not a chocolate bar brand, but indeed the word for "gladness" in Turkish.
I was raised in the historic streets of the Roman/ Ottoman city of Bursa (Prusa).
Later on, I moved to Istanbul (Constantinople) to attend Bogaziçi University (i.e. the former Robert College), which was the first American College outside of the US.
Later on, I moved to Illinois to live the "American Dream" and earn my Ph.D. in the middle of Midwestern cornfields.
I have M.S. degrees in both Statistics and Civil Engineering, and I completed my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which is a top-ranking Civil Engineering department
Currently, I work as an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Syracuse University , Whitman School of Management . My teaching interests include all fields of Applied Statistics and Transportation Engineering. My research interests include Air Transportation Safety, Statistical Modelling of Traffic Flow and Highway Safety.

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