University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 2012-2014

“I think Kivanc is the best math teacher I have ever met in my life, seriously! He makes me enjoy stats a lot. I can understand the content clearly, easily and deeply!”

"Kivanc is the best stats teacher I have ever had. I am a grad student and took stats before, but Kivanc makes it simple and interesting."

"His examples (rugby game, flights) were very interesting and helped me understand the concepts well."

"I wish he had taught the whole course instead of just the lab."

"Kivanc explains everything in a way that everyone can understand. He should teach the lecture as well."

"Kivanc was great. I thought he explained things much better than was done in the lecture."

"Good at using demonstrations to convey concepts. Have Kivanc do all the lectures!"

"Have Kivanc teach the whole class. He was amazing!"

"He explains difficult concepts in a clear manner and relates every topic to the big picture."

"Explanations were more clear than in lecture. Made lab section very useful. Very bright future in teaching."

"You successfully break things down and explain how to solve problems, instead of just showing."

"He used very helpful tools to explain somewhat complicated topics in a clear manner."

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